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New Poem And I Will Sing for Your Father
I have finished the first nine prompts in my new writing project, now titled "Lillia's Tale". They are short little things 100-400 words each, but they are a start. They are set in the same storyverse as Ari's Tale.

1. Beginnings 2. Middles 3. Endings 4. Insides 5. Outsides 6. Hours 7. Days 8. Weeks 9. Months
Happy Birthday annyswolf!
Taking this time of year to draw attention to two of my older stories, both written last year around the holidays.

The Hidden Properties of Fruitcake
(1) (2)

~ An Epiphany Story

The Yearlings

~ A New Years Story

I really love both of these pieces and hope you do, too.
Burgess Gulch (6)
Word Count:5,350
Summary: Things around Burgess Gulch continue to get more and more perplexing.
Author’s Note: This began as my 2006 Nanowrimo Novel.

Previous Parts (1) (2) (3) (4) (5).
* I kind of dropped out for a while there. I did continue my Nano novel, but it became very slow going and I finished the month with about 18,000 words....

* Just prior to the madness that is Nano season, I participated in a cooperative writing thing over at Write Anything. It was posted on the site during the last week of November. Below is a link to the story, Lost On Earth on Write Anything as well as one for the e-book version on Scribd.
Lost On Earth in chapters
Lost On Earth the e-book

* As I wrote at the end of October, I kind of abandoned my serials while getting ready for Nanowrimo... I do intend to try and put a bit more of each of them up over the next month before putting them on hiatus and restarting The Golden Apple Tales, Travis Keller (Not So Super Hero), Brave the Arid Ocean and Spirals in January.

* Finally, an update to one of my serials:
Burgess Gulch (5)
Word Count:2,115
Summary: Burgess Gulch gets a mighty strange visitor.
Author’s Note: This began as my 2006 Nanowrimo Novel.

Previous Parts (1) (2) (3) (4).
The Way About Her
Word Count:2,145
Summary:Lauren juggles playing Portia's boyfriend with being her sister, and another visit to Hera Lake makes Lauren wonder how hopeless her situation is.

Previous Parts (1) (2)
From ianraven and lousywriter13

When you see this, post another Buffy quote in your LJ. Let's see how long this can go on.

Giles on Books:

"Smell is the most powerful trigger to the memory there is. A certain flower or a whiff of smoke can bring up experiences long forgotten. Books smell... musty and rich. The knowledge gained from a computer is... it has no texture, no context. It's there and then it's gone. If it's to last, then the getting of knowledge should be tangible. It should be, um... smelly."
Genre: Sci-fi
Word Count:1,774
Summary: Maya learns that injustice isn't confined to the surface dwellers.

Previous Parts (1) (2)

Underground Society (3)


Genre: Sci-fi
Word Count:1,750
Summary:Lindy continues the strange tale she began in parts 1 and 2.

Previous Parts: (1) (2).

Time in Jelly Jars (3)

Genre: Sci-fi
Word Count: 257
Rating: 10+
Summary: Another way out? There is no other way out.
Author's Note: In honor of the serial I was intending to post today being overly coy, I'm posting this little slice of a story that I will likely never develop into anything else. There will be two serials next week.


Burgess Gulch (3)
Word Count:2,166
Summary: Cody Burgess, continues to investigate the disappearance of the missing cattle, but seems to find more questions than answers.
Author’s Note: This began as my 2006 Nanowrimo Novel.

Previous Parts (1) (2).